Afghan University View Objectives & Goals

 The Afghan Institute of Higher Education wants to gain a special name and fame in the field of standard higher education at the country level through research, teaching, information technology and innovations, with full respect for religious and academic values.
 Afghan Institute of Higher Education provides higher education in accordance with the needs of the times and the needs of the society, by implementing national and international accepted standards through teaching and research in an atmosphere of full trust and mutual respect.  Presented to science lovers and society.
 1. To provide a healthy learning environment equipped with modern technology to both sections of the society in the light of religious and academic principles.  2. Conducting scientific research at the country level and using it in scientific, professional, economic and social development and growth.  3. Providing Islamic morals, committed and competent cadres to the society.  4. Reducing the gap between religious and modern education.
 • Commitment: Afghan Higher Education Institution is committed to implementing and respecting religious and national values.  • Rules/Principles: The Afghan Higher Education Institution considers itself obliged to implement and comply with the principles in all academic and administrative activities.  • Transparency: Afghan Higher Education Institution uses full transparency in all academic and administrative matters.

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