Opening Ceremony of 25600 meters Parwan Road 2nd Lane Project in Parwan Province , Afghanistan

The second lane of Parwan road from Bagram to Jabal Siraj, which is a 25.60 km , its base course process has been completed and the and binder course phase has started.

A 25600 meters Parwan Road 2nd Lane Project work in progress, Parwan Afghanistan

Work on the second lane road of Parwan province is in full swing with the help of well-equipped machinery and experienced and technical personnel.



Afghan Tower, Said Jamaluddin Afghan Town, Kabul Afghanistan

The Afghan Tower is located on the second main square in Kabul, Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan town and the construction of the tower is almost 90% completed and the rest of its construction  is in full swing and will be completed very soon. The customers can find the shops and apartments of their choice at reasonable prices

Ayoubi Medical Complex ‌Building, Said Jamaluddin Afghan Town, Kabul Afghanistan

 Ayoubi Medical Complex Building is located in Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan Town, is being constructed by Ayubi Caravan Construction Company. The construction work is nearly  completed and will be soon put to the use.

Play Cricket Games in Ayobi Cricket Stadium

The Ayobi Sports Complex, which was earlier handed over for acquisition, has a well-equipped cricket ground where various cricket teams have played and leagues have been set up. The cricket players were happy from the staff of administration, ground staff and the atmosphere of the ground. Besides, there is also a cricket academy for the cricket players at the Ayubi Sports Complex, where a big n...

Parwan Chock ( Intersection), Under Ground Market

The Parwan Chock, Under Ground Market Construction which is contracted with Ayoub Construction Company is in progress and it will be soon completed and handed over to people to get benefit of it.

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