Ayobi Sports Complex

Ayobi Sport Complex is a cricket stadium located in Sayed Jamaludin Afghan Town, Kabul Afghanistan near to the mountains which gives a very good look. This cricket stadium is situated in the heart of the Said Jamalaudin Town , Kabul. It has a seating capacity of more than 20,000, and regularly hosts Test cricket, One Day (ODI), Twenty20 (T20i) and other First-class cricket matches, as well as cricket training academy. This cricket stadium is owned by private. It is the first private cricket stadium in Afghanistan to use solar panels to generate a bulk of the electricity needed to run the stadium. Ayobi Cricket Stadium welcomes you to arrange and implement your cricket games and provide you facilitations and to entertain people.

Ayobi Cricket Stadium


Ayobi Kabul Eagles

Kabul Eagles (Pashto/Dari: کابل بازان Kābəl Bāzān) is one of eight regional level first-class cricket teams in Afghanistan. The team, based in the country's capital city Kabul, was created to join the five regional sides in the Ahmad Shah Abdali 4-day Tournament, which has first-class status from 2017 onwards.[2] The Kabul team also compete in the Afghan Shpageeza Cricket League Twenty20 competition (which has List A status from 2017) using the name Kabul Eagles. They were the 2016 and 2020 champions in the league.



Captain: Rahmanullah Gurbaz

Coach: Nowroz Mangal

Owner: Abdul Latif Ayoubi

Team Infromation

Founded: 2015

Home Ground: Kabul International Cricket Stadium

Capacity: 6000


Shpageeza Cricket League: 

Wins 2(2016,2020)

Abdul Latif Ayoubi

Brief introduction of Abdul Latif "Ayobi"

 Mr. Abdul Latif Ayobi

 The son of Al-Haj Abdul Aziz, who was born in the year 1980 on the first day of March in an intellectual and religious family in the central district of Khost province.

 He did his primary education at Haider Khil Mohammad Sediq Rohi high School, but completed his secondary education at Al-Fatha High School.

 With this flow, he studied his higher education up to the level of the Faculty of Sharia,  It has been completed in the city of Hangu, Pakistan.


 Ayobi Sahib has been serving the citizens in different parts of the country for two decades.

 For five years, BMCC Company has remained as a race who is currently in charge of Ayubi Darul Mumtaz Company.

But besides trade, there is an unforgettable figure of development in the field of sports, especially for cricket.

He has his own sports complex called Ayobi Sports Complex, the complex has a beautiful cricket stadium and standard cricket academy as well, Ayobi Sports complex is a place where cricket is playing all along the year,  ACB (Afghanistan cricket board) also using this stadium for the biggest domestic events like First class and List A.

 The Ayobi Sports Complex is located in Sayed Jamaluddin town of Kabul, Ahmed Shah Baba Mini, at his own expense.

 In addition, he bought the Ayobi Kabul Eagles franchise team in the 2020 Shpageeza Cricket League which is the biggest and famous  league in Afghanistan and he got the ownership of this team.


 He managed the team very carefully and added young talents, in the result Eagles lifted the trophy of (SCL2020) Shpageeza Cricket league 2020.

 And besides from that he (Ayobi) has his own club of Kabul Zalmi Club, which is a strong and famous club in the country, has always organized trips to the country and abroad, such as the UAE, Dubai, and Pakistan, which has brought many successes to the country.

 It is worth mentioning that Ayobi Sahib is fluent in Pashto, Dari, Arabic, English, Urdu and Hindi languages.

Twitter Link: https://x.com/latifayobi10?s=08

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/people/Abdul-Latif-Ayobi/100093385750423/

Email address: ayobi.ceo.asc@gmail.com

ASC Stadium View

ASC Stadium side view (2019 March).

Abdul Latif Ayobi


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