Ayobi Medical & Educational Complex

Ayobi Medical Complex Ayobi Medical Complex (General Hospital ) and ,Teaching Institute catering to the healthcare needs within Afghanistan and neighbouring countries. Will be Equipped with the latest and best of the medical equipment, and some of the most experienced and highly trained consultants and medical staff of the country, Ayobi Medical Complex General Hospital (AMCH) will carve a name for itself in the field of Healthcare. Will be Envisioned as a provider of Quality Healthcare with empathy and compassion, utilizing the latest technologies, and minimally invasive practices, AMCH will start under the auspices of Alliance Healthcare and will be registered with the Mo H. AMCH General Hospital will be the first project of which will establish a Medical College, a Teaching Hospital, an Allied Health Sciences Institute and a University of Health Sciences. Vision Our vision is firmly set to future advancements in science and healthcare as we want to be the leaders who set standards, not follow them. The AMCH General Hospital envisions becoming an industry leader in Afghanistan that attracts global talent and clientele. Unmatched patient care, innovative practices, leaders in research and technology, is our healthcare ethos.

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Ayobi Medical Clinic

Ayobi Medical Clinic started its function in 2018 and provides services to its countrymen 24/7 with Pediatric Internal Medicine Department, Adult Internal Medicine Department, Orthopedic and Traumatology Department, Dental and Stomatology Department, General Surgery Department, Emergency Department, Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, Modern Pharmacy, Modern Laboratory, Digital X-ray, MRI, CT Scan, O.P.G, Ultrasonolgy Department (Abdomen, Pelvic, Small Parts) and E.C.G

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