Ayobi Karwan Construction and Road Construction Company

AKCC is constructions and Road Construction company in Afghanistan. 

Established in 2012, AKCC Construction Co. is operating in Afghanistan. Our expertise include; Engineering Services, Construction Solutions, Infrastructure Development, Industrial Facilities and designing Buildings.

AKCC diversely employs more than 200 people in Afghanistan ,making us one of the leading construction companies in Afghanistan. Our strength lies in our ability to cultivate innovative, practical solutions for our clients.

By combining our vast experience and ISO Certified Management System, we constantly enhance our capabilities in line with market forces in the construction industry. Having our operational branches in more provinces of  Afghanistan, we are capable of mobilizing our resources in the most strategic locations around in Afghanistan. AKCC diversely employs a team of  professionals , skilled and unskilled manpower in Afghanistan, making us one of the most competent construction companies in Afghanistann.

“We are proud of our past and ambitiously work for the present, driving us excitedly to unfold the future with solid determinations”.


Afghan Tower Project Construction is almost completed

AKCC presents you apartments and shops for sale and rent

Ayobi Educational Complex

Ayobi Educational Complex

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